Scallion Shredder


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    • Engineering Plastic
      Hygienic at Humid environment and long use
    • Easy Maintenance
      Easy to disassemble, wash, assemble Blade Bundles
    • Water-Proof
      Using various types of retainer to prevent water inflow into major components
    • Engineering Plastic
      Hygienic & Lighter Weight
    • Durability
      No Jamming when big ingredients are inserted
    • Diverse Cutting Size
      Cutting Size could be selected in the range of 2.2mm ~ 9mm
    • Color
      Using different Cutter Guide colors to easily distinguish Top and Bottom Blade Bundle
    • Easy to Clean
      Clean by just immersing the Blade Bundles in water
    • Blade Bundles with stainless steel shafts can be used to cut firm food ingredients such as burdock, balloon flower root.


Reted speed About 30 scallion/min Weight 15kg / 33lb

Product dimension: W420*L215*H430(Including Entrance)

Package dimension: W485*L295*H410


Product dimension: W16.5*L8.5*H17(Including Entrance)

Package dimension: W19*L11.6*H16

Rated Output 110~240V, 50~60Hz, 300W Cutting Size Selected in between 2.3mm~9mm
  • Caution

    • Do Not put your hand in the entrance.
    • MUST assemble the entrance before use
    • When dis/assemble blade bundle, MUST unplug the machine and wear glovers for safety
    • Before assembiling blade bundle, apply edible oil on retainers & bushings
    • Blade Bundle must be cleaned everyday just by rinsing and must be disassembled and cleaned 1~2 times a month for long use
    • Life expectancy of blade bundle differs from the amount used (6moths ~ 2years)
  • Customer Service

    • Warranty period is 1 year since the date of purchase (When date of purchase is not specified, the date of manufacture will be applied)
    • Product malfunction caused by customer negligence will be charged
    • Used product cannot be returned
    • Return / Exchange must be determined in 10 days since the date of purchase