Meat Tenderizer


  • Excellent Firm

  • ISO9001

  • Venture Business

  • Patents Utility Model

  • R&D Center

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  • Stainless Steel
    Hygienic at humid environment

    Semi-Permanent Blade Bundle Life
  • Safety Switch
    Micro switch is installed for safety issue, product only works when lid is closed
  • Different Top & Bottom Entrance Connecting Size
    Top Entrance cannot be connected directly to the lid for safety issue
  • Easy Maintenance
    Easy to disassemble, wash reassemble blade bundle
  • Aluminum Gear Box Set
    Durable after heavy use

    400W motor enables long use


Weight 22kg / 49lb Size(mm)

Product dimension: W430*L290*H540(Including Entrance)

Package dimension: W480*L360*H460


Product dimension: W17*L11.4*H21.3(with Entrance)

Package dimension: W19*L14.2*H18

Rated Output 110~240V / 50~60Hz / 400W
Safety Safety Switch installed - -
  • Caution

    • Do Not put your hand in the entrance.
    • MUST assemble the entrance before use
    • When dis/assemble major parts, MUST unplug the machine and wear glovers for safety
    • Install Meat Tenderizer on a flat surfaced and well-ventilated area
  • Customer Service

    • Warranty period is 1 year since the date of purchase (When date of purchase is not specified, the date of manufacture will be applied)
    • Product malfunction caused by customer negligence will be charged
    • Used product cannot be returned
    • Return / Exchange must be determined in 10 days since the date of purchase